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Wilderness Sensors

Wilderness Sensors is the new way to get real time sensor data from remote locations  

Flexible Sensor Platform

Wilderness Sensors is a flexible outdoor sensor platform that supports the use of any type of sensor, e.g. footfall counting, climate monitoring, river level survey, air quality and water quality

Remote Sensing

Wilderness Sensors enable you to gather outdoor, remote, real-time data without costly site visits. 

Always Connected 

Achieved through sophisticated power management, solar energy harvesting and modular connectivity,  e.g., 3G, WiFi, Sigfox, LoRa and various satellite providers.

Low Maintenance

Minimises maintenance overhead through self-monitoring. 



Wilderness Footfall Counter

Our first product build on the Wilderness Sensors platform, that sends visitor and environmental data in real time from remote locations with varied connectivity options.

Online analytics and reporting allows real-time analysis of the visitor data. 


Footfall App

We developed an app to help users manually count visitors and upload the data into the same cloud infrastructure used by Wilderness Footfall.

It is available now for free on iTunes.


Outside Maps

Outside Maps enables you to view and navigate a wide variety of mapping data using an easy-to-use touch interface. 

We are currently moving the app to be part of Wilderness Sensors. Check out the new branding.


Wilderness Sensors are proud to be Technology Partners with Boston Networks and IOT Scotland, Scotland’s National IoT Network.