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Wilderness Sensors

Effortlessly connecting you to your remote sites

Wilderness Sensors is the new way to get real time data from remote locations effortlessly

Get the data you need in real time

Wilderness Sensors send visitor and environment data back in real time, where it can be accessed immediately.
There is no need to visit the counters to collect the data.

Easy to Install and Repositionable

The units are designed to be quick and easy to install on existing fencework or gates. Each unit is self powered and can be installed anywhere. They can also be repositioned as needed.

Low maintenance

Designed to reduce costly maintenance visits, each unit uses sophisticated power management and solar recharging to maximise the battery life. They also self-monitor and send alerts when tampered with.



Visiting Remote sites

How busy is a remote site at any particular time?
Get a real time, accurate count with Wilderness Footfall of how many visitors are entering and leaving the site


Trail Counter

How busy is a particular trail or viewpoint?

Directional visitor activity from a Wilderness Footfall unit can tell you which trail is most used and when


Countryside walking paths

See how people are moving along countryside paths and correlate it with real time environment information using Wilderness Insights


Visitor flow

For single and multi entrance sites, find out how long are visitors staying inside and which access point is most used, using Wilderness Insights


Urban walking patterns

How are people moving around your urban spaces? With connected visitor activity with Wilderness Insights, you can see this in real time


Hidden Gems

For large sites with many attractions, find out how the visitors are moving around the site in real time, with the site based view on Wilderness Insights 

Our Clients


Wilderness Sensors are proud to be Technology Partners with Boston Networks and IOT Scotland, Scotland’s National IoT Network.