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Wilderness Footfall

Provides real-time visitor counter numbers from remote locations  

Wilderness Footfall Counter

Rugged, outdoor visitor counter using the latest in Internet-of-Things technology to send real-time visitor counts from remote locations 

Directional Visitor Information 

Each unit provides real-time information about visitor direction of travel.

Detailed Environmental Information

Each unit also collects detailed environment data which enriches the visitor information.

Modular Communications

Choose from various connectivity options e.g., 3G, WiFi, Sigfox, LoRa and various satellite providers.

Various combinations are also supported, e.g. LoRa with 3G backup.

 Online analytics and reporting

Centralised analytics and detailed visitor graphs are provided.

Custom alerts and monitoring are also available.

Key Features


Multiple Visitor Detection

Using its sophisticated algorithm, Wilderness Footfall counters can detect direction of travel for single visitors, pairs of visitors or even small groups of visitors passing the sensor unit in staggered formation, with a range up to 10 metres depending on environment.



Designed for outdoor locations, the Wilderness Footfall unit is waterproof and has been tested in the harsh Scottish winter weather.


Easy to Install

The Wilderness footfall unit is easy to install and simple to reposition if needed. The unit secures to new/existing metal posts, gatework or fencing.


Remote Monitoring

In addition to the detailed visitor/environmental data, the footfall unit sends out information about the health of the unit itself, allowing each unit to be monitored remotely and reducing the need for unnecessary maintenance visits.


Tamper/Theft Alert

Designed to be left unattended in remote locations, the Wilderness Footfall counter has an inbuilt theft alert system. The unit can sense that it is being moved from its location and begin sending out alerts. The unit can also detect if it has been knocked out of alignment and sends this information as part of the monitoring information.



Wilderness Footfall does not capture any identifiable visitor information, which makes it the perfect solution when GDPR privacy is a concern.