Wilderness Insights

Effortlessly connecting you to your remote sites

Wilderness Insights use technology and analytics to bring you real time Insights from remote locations

We are passionate about connecting people with key insights to support sustainable tourism; for Visitors, for Staff and for Resource Managers.

Our innovative Sensor Products are designed to work off-grid and to maximise any available connectivity, effortlessly collecting the real time sensor data you need


Our scalable Cloud Platform connects you with the sensor data in real time; making it easy for you to get Insights from anywhere 


Our apps effortlessly provide you with the Insight data you need on the go. Using our mapping app, you can seamlessly view multiple different mapping sources overlaid on your location. Using our new Ranger app, on site staff can easily capture and report valuable Insights, even in areas of low signal.   


Our Clients

Multiple local authorities are using our Wilderness Sensors for key visitor/footfall information and environmental data for key decision making

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